7 March 2018 News

The Teddy Bears’ Return to Eastwoodhill

On March the 4th 2018 the Teddy Bears’ Picnic returned to Eastwoodhill Arboretum.

It proved to be an exciting day for all the children who brought along their bear and their family to partake in all the activities provided.

Goldilocks and The Three Bears (drama students from GGHS and GBHS) were very busy, reading bear stories to the children and leading them through the forest on the Teddy Bear Hunt.

Other activities included scarecrow and bird feeder-making, bouncy castle tumbling, amazing face painting and prize giveaways.

There were also raffles to be bought, sausages to munch, sweet cupcakes to delight and free drinks from More FM.

We were lucky to have The Band School and Barleycorn entertaining us throughout the day which kept our attention away from the impending rain….like all great teddy bears….we survived.

So, our Teddy Bears’ Picnic would not have been successful without all the support and hard work from the following groups and people. 

We thank immensely: Young Nicks Station, Vet Ent, Draggnett Design, PaperPlus, Muirs, Gisborne Musical Theatre, The HB Williams Memorial Library, The Hospice Shop, The Habitat Shop, Kaiti Mall, The Gisborne East Coast Cancer Society, Olwynne and Deane Craw, Eve, Tyler, Liam and Chloe, The two Sue’s and Bethan, Chrissie, ‘Feather’, The Gate Keepers, Carole, Sandy, Pru, Mel, Marion and Da Boys (Dan and Adam).

Melody Craw on behalf of The Friends of the Eastwoodhill.