1 April 2018 News

Sholto Cook, our condolences

We were informed by the family of Sholto Douglas Cook of his passing on 25th March 2018.

Sholto was adopted in early 1933 as a six month infant. Unfortunately life was not easy for his mother Claire, and they left in 1937, first to Auckland and then to Wanganui. Sholto went to England in 1947 and spent two years at the Royal Navy Training College as an officer cadet, but failed an eye test. He then went to work on a farm in St Albans in 1952 but returned to Eastwoodhill to help out in 1953 and celebrated his 21st with his father. But after that an argument saw Sholto leave and work on an east coast sheep station, and unfortunately did not return to Eastwoodhill during his father’s lifetime, but did visit him in the 1960’s while he was in Morris Convalescent Home with his wife and children. In 1992 Sholto did return to Eastwoodhill to take part in the official opening of the Douglas Cook centre for Education. His family were going to bring Sholto over in Jan of this year, but his health was too bad and he couldn’t travel, we hope that his family will visit in memory of their dad sometime in near future…