15 September 2017

September 2017

From where I am sitting, on the back lawn at the Eastwoodhill homestead, gazing across Wee Flat to the young Tree Cathedral plantings on Little Flat, the thought that goes through my mind is; how wonderful it is that the young budding trees (Redwood, Dawn redwood, Linden, Ginkgo and Red Maple), have put on such an impressive amount of healthy growth over the previous two years. Out of a total of 135 trees there has been just one casualty – a Sequoiasempervirens, which has been replaced. The Redwoods (Sequoiasempervirens, single clone) which form the central cathedral pillars, which were quarter the size of the other species when they were planted, have now uniformly caught up in height and will soon be the dominant species. Dan Taylor has done a great job training and tending the juvenile trees, which are looking excellent.