Our Playground

Eastwoodhill Arboretum has what’s been described as “the best play space in New Zealand”. Designed by leading New Zealand play space designer Tina Dyer from Play Central, we have created “the most awesome natural playground”.

Children, and their parents, are beginning to discover the delights of this amazing new playground – all its existing areas and elements are ready to be explored and enjoyed.

Situated beneath the Visitor’s Centre, the playground has easy access to the toilets and the education centre. It has a designated area for preschool children and large areas for the more adventurous – including some of the biggest swings in the country.

Eastwoodhill is delighted to partner with the Eastland Community Trust,  Eastern & Central Community Trust, New Zealand Community Trust, The Les Renner Trust and Wainui Host Lions on this project.

Because of its location the playground poses very little disruption to the park. Visitors to Eastwoodhill can be assured a relaxing, quality experience.