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The Trees for our Future Campaign is about amplifying our organisation for conservation collaboration, fulfilling our 100-year master plan, and ensuring the Arboretum is well placed for the next 100 years.

Campaign Launch

Our launch event will showcase our ambitions for the next five years. Supporting us at the event will be a number of international guests talking about all things trees and how ex-situ collections like ours can have a meaningful impact on global tree conservation.

Trees for our Future is a bold campaign that sets out our financial requirements to be a global force and we need you to be a part of that.

Our Story

On the East Coast of Aotearoa, deep in the Tairāwhiti region of the North Island, just west of Tūranganui-a-kiwa Gisborne, nestled in a sunny south facing hillside, lies the National Arboretum of New Zealand, Eastwoodhill.

In a post-war 1910, W. Douglas Cook started planting trees on a hillside in the Ngatapa Valley, Gisborne, New Zealand. Then in 1975, H.B Williams purchased the Arboretum and formed our trust and its board. Over a century later, more than 15,000 trees form our unique collection.

Douglas Cook grew something beautiful from the depths of war for all New Zealanders and adapted his purpose for Global Tree Conservation, then HB Williams’ gift and vision ensured our collection is secured into the future.

Now, we want to grow our endangered and threatened collection of trees from 67 different countries around the world reaching more than before.

Our direction is set, but we need you to ensure the National Arboretum of New Zealand, Eastwoodhill flourishes and functions to all its potential.


I am becoming crippled with arthritis and need someone young here to take on my job and get to understand my aim. Someone who can give, as I have given, to create something beautiful, some place restful, in a world full of trouble and full of hates and greed. Our work all goes to make New Zealand more beautiful and future New Zealanders happier. I’m not working for myself – I’m working for my country and its people whom I love. If to be poor is to prove oneself a failure then I have failed but I’ve left a heritage behind me for future generations of New Zealanders to enjoy.

Douglas Cook


Eastwoodhill, the product of a labour of love on the part of one man and his helper and it is especially pleasing to see that love being furthered by the efforts of so many today… set aside by an Act of Parliament for the scientific and educational purposes and for enjoyment by the people of New Zealand… I hope the beauty of the arboretum and its purpose will inspire many other to subscribe to the endowment in particular and to many projects which continually arise…

HB Williams

The Isolated Collection

From Around The World

What makes our collection unique in the world?


Specimens, all growing outside in the ground. No forced environments via domes, greenhouses or glasshouses here.







Our Awareness &

Funding Campaign

An in-depth account of our goals and what we need to achieve them.

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