22 May 2019

Summer at the Arboretum

The bright colours of spring eventually give way to warmer temperatures and the softer hues of summer greens. A peaceful leafiness descends upon the arboretum, creating a wonderful atmosphere for relaxing picnics and leisurely walks.

Although the overall impression may be one of an ocean of beautiful lush green, those who hunt amongst the foliage will be rewarded with flowering highlights.

In late spring / summer one tree which comes in to flower is the Evergreen Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora). It produces lovely flowers and adds to the character and ambiance of the Arboretum during the summer months.

But perhaps the most impressive summer collection in terms of the sheer number of flowers is that of the lime tree. While lime trees aren’t individually spectacular, they are so numerous at this time of the year that the air is heavy with their scent and the hum of bees gathering nectar can be heard from some distance. It’s worth visiting Eastwoodhill  on a warm still day to experience their full effect and all that the arboretum has to offer during the summer season.