New playground one step closer

1 October 2014

Eastwoodhill wants to have the best playspace in New Zealand, the play area that every family in Gisborne has to come to because the kids love it so much.


We are one step closer now with the design finished and approved by the board to go through to the next stage of funding applications.

The $200,000 allocated to the playground by the Eastland Community Trust has been a significant boost and has secured the project as first cab off the rank.


Leading New Zealand play space designer Tina Dyer from Play Central was commissioned to design “the most awesome natural playground”.

Eastwoodhill general manager Dana Kirkpatrick said the play area will be situated close to the visitor centre for easy access to the café, toilets and the education centre. It will have a designated area for pre-school children and there will be large areas for the more adventurous – including some of the biggest swings in the country.


“There will be no yellow plastic slides here, all the elements are designed to blend into our existing environment without looking too contrived. The site is steep but that provides so many opportunities,”she said.


“One thing we learned is that adults know very little about what kids love to play with and what might look really boring to us can be fascinating to children. Tina has so much experience and her design has some fabulous elements for all ages.”


Eastwoodhill is delighted to be partnering with the Eastland Community Trust, Wainui Lions and hopefully others to make this happen.