New Garden Advisor Xanthe White

3 November 2015

With over 20 years experience in landscape and garden design, well-known landscape designer Xanthe White is delighted to be working with Eastwoodhill as its new garden advisor.

Xanthe has a wealth of knowledge. Her immense experience has led to frequent appearances on both radio and television. She also writes regular columns for NZ Listener, NZ Gardener and Taste.
“When I was approached by Eastwoodhill, I was absolutely honoured to be included in the preservation of the history, and the national and international significance of working with Eastwoodhill. The conservation of that rich horticultural history is hugely important,” says Xanthe.
Based in Auckland, Xanthe has regular contact with the Eastwoodhill team and has toured the arboretum, where she was struck by both its vastness and beauty. On a guided tour with curator, Dan Haliday, Xanthe was stunned by the history associated with the arboretum and even saw trees that she’d never seen before – which she says was an absolute highlight.
“The elements of the gardens, and the true beauty of seeing a garden of that age and at that stage of development was such a pleasure. It really emphasised that the garden is a constantly changing, growing and evolving thing.”
With the history of Eastwoodhill being forefront in her mind, Xanthe says she will take a very respectful approach to any developments or additions to the arboretum.
“I'd like to enhance the connectivity of Eastwoodhill. The journey should lead visitors through the park and encourage them to venture further into the arboretum to experience those really magical moments beneath the trees. Most importantly, I want to work with Eastwoodhill on the gardens with the utmost respect to the current plantings and the rich history that’s already in place. I want to build upon the layers of the story that are already there and develop those, rather than introducing too many new elements.”
Working with the Eastwoodhill team and Board, Xanthe hopes to help continue the legacy of Eastwoodhill, and ensure it continues to be an attractive and inspiring place for those who love and understand trees.