Eastwoodhill in the Autumn

25 April 2018

Eastwoodhill is currently ablaze with colour as I write this. Looking out the window I see our Koelreuteria bipinnata, or the Chinese flame tree is beginning to live up to its name. Located in our visitor’s courtyard it is currently greeting visitors with a grand display. Some leaves are yellow, others are green and there is no middle ground, making for a fantastically contrasting display. Our Sapium japonicum, the Japanese tallow tree, is also firing away on all cylinders at the moment, announcing autumn with a heated passion of yellow, orange and red. The Populus species have finished the race already and are now beginning to lie in wait for winter while we have other species gearing up for winter. Trees such as the Abies pinsapo, Spanish Fir, are currently proudly displaying their cones at the top of their reach. These cones are a greenish pink and purple that will mature to brown when ready. Our Cedrus species are also busy as they are unusual in the sense that they pollenate now rather than in spring time.

I have been asked to provide an opinion on when I think winter and spring are likely to be here, and what sort of winter and spring we are expected to have. While I do not have a crystal ball I can guarantee you two things;

Winter is expected to follow hot on the heels of what has been a relatively dry autumn.

Spring will most likely appear between winter and summer, it’s usually fairly punctual with such things!