Adopt a tree update

30 September 2014

Fatty and Skinny need somebody to love!

Two of Eastwoodhill’s finest specimens – commonly known as Fatty and Skinny – need someone to love them. As part of our Adopt a Tree programme you could be the proud carers of these two beautiful trees.


Fatty is a Cryptomeria japonica ‘Compacta’ and Skinny is an Italian Cypress or Cupressus sempervirens. Both were planted in 1934 and are some of the oldest trees in the park. Located near the Williams Memorial you don’t have to walk too far to see them and they love visitors.


Adopt a Tree is one way we raise money to pay for maintenance and repair of the collection over time. You sign up for three years and in that time we send you updates about your tree and a photo of anything that is done to it. Fatty and Skinny are $1000 each per annum for three years.


They would love you to be their friend! Call Bobbi and talk to her about the programme. 06 863 9003.