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New Curator for Eastwoodhill

13 May 2019

Eastwoodhill is looking forward to the arrival of their new Curator Martin Weaver. After some months of searching for the right person, Martin happened to have already relocated to Gisborne and was in search of the perfect job for his extensive experience in trees and horticulture.

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Three Ways To Bring All The Bees To Your Yard

18 March 2019

Karoline Gore explores the world of bees and brings us this enlightening article on how to encourage more bees to your home...

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Robert Berry, 1916 – 2018

12 December 2018

Robert Berry, a memorandum.

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Eastwoodhill Curator Seach 2018

7 May 2018

Eastwoodhill is on the search for the next Curator
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Eastwoodhill in the Autumn

25 April 2018

Autumn 2018
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Sholto Cook, our condolences

1 April 2018

Sholto Cook, our condolences
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The Teddy Bears' Return to Eastwoodhill

7 March 2018

On March the fourth the Teddy Bears’ Picnic returned to Eastwoodhill Arboretum.
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The new team!

31 January 2018

Eastwoodhill has a new team and are on the hunt for a new Curator to take Eastwoodhill into its future.
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Thomas Woltz on NZ's National Arboretum - Eastwoodhill

21 January 2018

Thomas Woltz, from Nelson Byrd Woltz, talks about the role the National Arboretum, Eastwoodhill,  is playing in preserving Northern Hemisphere tree species.

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The Teddy Bears' Picnic 2018

30 November 2017

The Teddy Bears' Picnic 2018
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New Garden Advisor Xanthe White

3 November 2015

Well-known garden designer Xanthe White joins the team at Eastwoodhill.
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New Fundraiser An Outstanding Success

25 October 2015

The Friends of Eastwoodhill recently held a successful fundraising event to raise much needed funds for the ongoing Cathedral project.
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Farewell Libby

20 October 2015

The Friends of Eastwoodhill proudly paid tribute to Libby Streeter at their recent AGM, awarding her with Honorary Life Membership in recognition of the more than thirty years she has volunteered at the arboretum.
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Anzac Day Extravaganza

25 April 2015

There’s fun for the whole family at the Eastwoodhill Anzac Day Extravaganza. Make sure you join us for one of the very best days on the Eastwoodhill calendar.
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New playground one step closer

1 October 2014

Eastwoodhill wants to have the best playspace in New Zealand, the play area that every family in Gisborne has to come to because the kids love it so much.
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Adopt a tree update

30 September 2014

Fatty and Skinny need somebody to love!
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Adopt a tree at Eastwoodhill

8 October 2013

Our first adopters have signed up and we are delighted to be talking with them about securing their special tree at Eastwoodhill.
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Trees for Bees returns to Eastwoodhill

4 October 2013

Dr. Linda Newstrom-Lloyd (back right) with French interns from left Valentine Tournon, Jean Noel Gallio and Jules Boileau.
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Arboretum upgrades and development

27 February 2013

To see what Eastwoodhill has planned for the next few years, click here.
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Eastwoodhill on You Tube

8 May 2012

Eastwoodhill has been showcased brilliantly through some You Tube video clips. Click on the links below to view the footage.
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Have you been to Eastwoodhill this year?

24 February 2012

If you live in Gisborne and you have never been to Eastwoodhill Arboretum – then look out, you are on the new arboretum general manager’s target list.
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Education at the arboretum

It is exciting to see so many children coming through the park. We’ve hosted almost 1800 children through the park in education based programmes this year.
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Going for Gold!

Pru Roberts, Chairwoman of the Eastwoodhill Friends committee, delighted at the prestigious gold award presented to Eastwoodhill for its display at the Ellerslie International Flower Show.
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