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Our Plan

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This is a preliminary plan for developing our “Masterplan” goals of which a brief overview can be found here. More documentation is available on request.

This map contains:

  • Planned Tracks & Trails
  • Planned Ecoregions
  • Planned Ecozones
  • Planned Link Gardens
  • Our collection as we are aware of it, September 2020

This is a work in progress and subject to change. Our collection information contains more than provided, but what is provided here is open source.

Download link for our collection (.csv)
Updates to this file will be noted here.

If anyone would like to explore and analyse our collection, they are free to do so. Any errors, particularly of horticultural nature are gratefully received at

As this is all planned work, these tracks are not marked in the arboretum and some do not yet physically exist. A map of our current tracks can be found here.